Principal Investing

We pursue investment opportunities in commercial real estate and structured finance through our subsidiary, Spring Hill Investment Advisors, LLC.

Our acquisition and asset management teams include seasoned professionals with significant breadth and depth of experience - our senior team members average 20 years of experience in structured finance and/or commercial real estate.

The longstanding relationships we maintain with key market players - including lenders, owners, developers, investors, special servicers, and brokers - provide us with market perspectives and investment opportunities we believe to be unique.

Our investment structures and target asset classes vary with the needs of our investors:

  • Asset classes include opportunistic and core commercial real estate property and loans, along with a wide variety of structured securities, including CMBS, CRE CDO securities, and Re-REMIC
  • Structures include separate accounts, club funds, commingled investment vehicles, joint ventures, and single asset deals
  • We pursue non-levered, privately levered, and government levered investment opportunities as dictated by client preferences

We believe the stage is set for a massive transfer of wealth to those players who can make savvy and bold investment decisions. We ensure our clients are at the forefront of these investment opportunities.