Capital Markets

Our broad experience in structured finance capital markets stems from originating, structuring, and distributing hundreds of billions worth of structured securities, allowing us to offer exceptional trading, origination, and underwriting services to our clients:

  • Trading and market making of structured and securitized assets across all major geographies, including North American, European, and Asian markets.
  • Origination and structuring of new securitizations on behalf of multiple classes of issuers, including banks, finance companies, and businesses.
  • Liability management for issuers interested in repurchasing and/or restructuring outstanding debt.
  • Securitization underwriting and due diligence of issuers and transactions to assess investment risk.
  • Advisory services to maximize the value of structured finance investments, including modeling, restructuring, and remarketing.

We focus on publicly issued, privately issued, and bespoke structured finance securities, including:

  • Consumer and Non-Consumer ABS
  • CMBS
  • RMBS
  • CDOs
  • Other structured securities